On 6 April2020 I issued emails to a number of solicitors from my address book,  advising of reports of a seriously pejorative attack by the Competition and Markets Authority upon the standards of Scottish solicitors and of a  proposed new, statutory regime for the regulation of solicitors. In my email I suggested sending a memorandum to the members of the Scottish parliament,  as the potential authors of any such new regime, in order to rebut the grounds of complaint set out by the CMA.   In my email I advised that I would report on this website as to the outcome of my email. In the event, a number of the email addresses in my address book were no longer functional and there were a number of responses  to my email while a number of other recipients did not respond. The last thing I wish to do is to increase the number of unwanted email messages that my colleagues receive.  Therefore ,  it seems to me to be more appropriate for me to report directly to those colleagues who responded to my email and to remove the other email addresses from my address book.  If, however, you did not respond to my email but would like to be kept in this conversation then please send me an email to that effect and please also let me know what is your interest in the matter.  I would like to thank the other respondents for their interest and they will shortly receive report of the outcome of my proposal.

Michael Sheridan