Due to the present restrictions as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic, Sheridans Solicitors are, wherever possible, conducting meetings and conferences by telephone and, where appropriate, video conferencing facilities.

Ordinarily this will simply mean replacing a face to face meeting with a telephone call and no particular issues will arise particularly were you are an existing client of the firm and where the firm’s usual AML identification procedures have been previously adhered to.  However during such meetings it may be necessary for both parties to have sight of a particular document or documents.  If you require such documents in paper form and do not have your own printing facilities, please notify the office in advance and, wherever possible, the office will supply you with paper copies in advance of the scheduled meeting.

In some circumstances it may be possible to remotely share computer screens through facilities such as Zoom.  However please note that such facilities are not secure and not covered by Sheridans' privacy policy (available through our website at

There are certain circumstances were video conferencing will be required.  In particular if the firm’s usual AML identification procedures cannot be completed in a face to face meeting at the office then it may be possible to complete these procedures with the help of a video conference.  The office has access to a number of platforms for such video conferencing including WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom and Skype.  Please note that these platforms have varying degrees of security and are not covered by Sheridans' privacy policy as referred to above,.

Procedure for completing AML identification checks by video conference

If you are asked to complete AML identification procedures by video conference, please arrange to have two forms of identification with you at the video conference.  One form of identification should include a photograph (such as a passport or a driver’s licence) and the second form should confirm your address (such as a recent bank statement, utility bill or this year’s Council Tax demand).  Please note that any form of identification which includes a photograph is not suitable to confirm your address.

During the video conference you will be asked to clearly display both forms of identification and thereafter to capture an image and email those to the office ( with your name as the subject of that email.  If you do not have access to email then please copy both forms of identification and post them to the office at 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2LW.

As soon as possible thereafter a face to face meeting should be arranged and again at that initial face to face meeting, please have with you both forms of identification.

Additional AML identification checks may be required depending on the circumstances.

Special arrangements for signing documents

Most documents that you are asked to sign in your dealings with the office will not require a face to face meeting.  However you may require to have these documents witnessed and where appropriate, the principal document will be sent to you with separate instructions in relation to having the document properly signed and witnessed.

However, certain documents do require a face to face meeting.  In particular, if a solicitor in this office is certifying a client as having sufficient capacity to grant a Power of Attorney, ordinarily that should be done at a face to face meeting preferably in our office.  In the present circumstances that is unlikely to be convenient.  Therefore it may be possible to conduct such meetings by video conference.  In those circumstances you will be provided with a principal copy of the Power of Attorney and a separate set of instructions for that meeting.  The document will be signed during the video conference and you will be asked to return a paper copy of the Power of Attorney document to the office at the address above as soon as possible. In those circumstances a scanned will not be sufficient and the office will be unable to register your Power of Attorney until we have received the hard copy.

Conference Call facilities

We have limited access to our Conference Call facilities at the office in Buchanan Street.  If more than one party at remote locations requires to join a meeting then that meeting will require to be arranged in advance and all participants will be asked  to forward their preferred contact telephone number to the office by email at the above noted email address at least 24 hours in advance of that meeting.

The conference call will thereafter be coordinated at the point in time from our office on Buchanan Street.

We appreciate these are challenging times and we will do whatever we can to accommodate reasonable requests to facilitate meetings and discussions with clients and other third parties.  If you have any special requirements or requests, then please do not hesitate to contact the office either by telephone (0141 332 3536) or by email (