In order to provide for the safety of persons attending this office, and the relevant Government Regulations, we would ask you to observe the following requirements:-

1. Please do not enter the office until advised by a member of staff.

2. Only one person may use the waiting room at a time. If the waiting room is occupied then please either wait outside or come back later.

3. Please use the hand sanitizer as you enter the office and, again, as you leave the office.

4. Please wear a face covering while in the office.

5. Please observe social distance (2 metres) at all times while in the office.

6. We regret that, in the present circumstances, we are unable to provide any refreshment or toilet facilities.

7. You may wish to consider bringing your own pen and face mask to our office but we do have available, duly sanitised, pens, face masks, paper wipes and hand gel.

8. Due to the limitation in the numbers of persons in the office at any one time, we have to request that you attend promptly for your appointment and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter the office if you are more than five minutes late.

9. Our office is located on the 5th floor. Unfortunately it is not possible for the building's lift to operate safely during the present restrictions. If you are unable to access the office without the use of the lift, please alert a member of staff in advance and alternative arrangements will be made.

Michael Sheridan